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Advancing numerous industries with the finest range of products & services including Aviation Mobility Solutions, Material Handling Lifts, Electric Fork Lift Trucks, E Commerce Warehouse Mesh Storage Cabinet, etc.

About Us

We, Vidhaatri Technologies Private Limited started our company in the year 2011 to work as a manufacturer, supplier and service provider of various advanced products & services. Throughout the years, we have been offering many major industries like aerospace, E-commerce giants, automotive, and other such industrial sectors with the best quality of products & services including Material Handling Equipment Scissor LiftsE Commerce Warehouse Mesh Storage Cabinet, Electric Fork Lift Trucks, Pipes and Joints Storage Solution, Automation Product Handling Solutions, VRC Hydraulic Goods Lift, etc. We also render  Fabrication Service and work as a Commission Agent of E-Commerce Handling Solutions, Racking, Storage Solutions, Pipes & Joints Racking & Handling Solutions.
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Product Gallery
Few of the markets where we are extremely active are as follows:

  • We offer material handling equipment to all, from the smallest to large sized industries
  • We are specialized in Mezzanine Design, Automotive solutions, etc.
  • For Pharma, we provide storage & handling solutions
  • Implementation & optimisation of Shop Floor Productivity
  • We give E-Commerce giants various customized solutions & packing stations
  • FTWZ operations

Our Associates

We are associated with the following companies:

Bharat Electronics









Urban Ladder

Nippon Express

Cafe Coffee Day





Kemwell, and many others

Manufacturing & R&D

We, Vidhaatri Technologies Private Limited are an organization where one can experience the best creativity & innovation of a completely unique line of products & solutions including Pipes and Joints Storage Solution, VRC Hydraulic Goods Lift, E Commerce Warehouse Mesh Storage Cabinet, Automation Product Handling Solutions, Electric Fork Lift Trucks, etc. All this is carried out efficiently by our extremely committed team of professionals. The process of product design begins with a thorough analysis of customer demands. Our time tested process involves creation of concept, ideation, product design, evaluation and development of product by using the newest PTC Creo technology. In addition, believe us to bring an exceptional strategy to the design process which ensures customization as per the requirements of the customers because our designs guarantee consistent results throughout the product life cycle.

Core Competence

The core competence of our company are given below:

  • Trading/Channel Partnering.
  • Integration of material handling & warehousing.
  • Contract Manufacturing.
  • Design, Development & Manufacturing of customized products.
  • Turnkey Projects.
  • FTWZ Services.
  • Specialization in e-commerce handling solutions.
  • Pipes & Joints Racking/Handling Solutions.
  • Warehousing Consultancy.

Services: Customer Service & Logistics Support

We, Vidhaatri Technologies Private Limited realize the closure of a deal is just the start of our association with our clients. This is why, our after sales service team is very receptive to the growing demands of the customers and the market. Our customer service team is entirely coordinated with our technical and production teams, thereby helping us provide timely service. Moreover, with our effective logistics support, all the critical and non-critical components are well maintained so that our clients can get our support for the entire life cycle of the products including E Commerce Warehouse Mesh Storage Cabinet, Electric Fork Lift Trucks, VRC Hydraulic Goods Lift, Automation Product Handling Solutions, etc.

Vision & Mission

We want to be genuinely a global associate of companies those who want to be the game-changers in their businesses by providing them completely innovative solutions.


The comprehensive knowledge which we have of the industry has helped us in completing over 100 projects life cycles with our remarkable products and services including Material Handling Lifts, Automation Product Handling Solutions, E Commerce Warehouse Mesh Storage Cabinet, etc. The success story of our company includes:

  • Floor plan for production of solar water heater tanks
  • Packing stations for E-commerce companies
  • Mezzanines used in automotive industries
  • Storage solutions for pharmaceuticals
  • Warehousing solutions for storing tyre

Manufacturing: Contract Manufacturing & The Vidhaatri Advantage

In our company, we are equipped with a safe, clean, well-operating facility which makes us capable of efficiently handling the contract manufacturing requirements. In our business model of contract manufacturing, we have a distinctive strength of offering support from design, development, production & fabrication without veering away from the brand guideline of the clients. Following are some of the advantages of choosing our company:

  • Cost Savings: The clients can save on capital expenses, sourcing of material, labor charges, cost of inventory and potential risk in execution management.
  • Quality: We have our own quality assurance system in place helping us in spotting false or defective products before hand.
  • Expertise: We have the ability to seamlessly manage the manufacturing difficulties.
  • Advanced Skills: Client can gain from our vast expertise which they do not possess.
  • Focus: Clients can focus on their other skills better by handing us the manufacturing process.